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Coal enterprises looking for customers as well as import coal hitting the market 
 Date:2013/3/11  Hit: 6127  From:Pangenergy  
June 5, the world’s largest coal port - the port of Qinhuangdao coal inventory has reached 8.36 million tons. And the last time the port more than 8 million tons by the end of 2008.
In the meantime, coal 5500 kcal composite price closed at 768 yuan / ton, down this year, the lowest level.
All these are signs that the economic downturn led to reduced demand for coal, the coal industry is currently facing a significant increase in inventories, running high coal imports and oversupply grim predicament.
"Over the past decade, along with the coal industry in China’s economic development has entered a stage of extreme prosperity, however, is currently China’s coal overcapacity is becoming increasingly apparent, the entire industry will enter a stage of turning down." China Energy Network Han Xiaoping, chief information officer, is not without worries, "said the short term coal prices are still no signs of improvement."
Coal enterprises to take the initiative to find customers
Spring plumbing ducks. Coal prices once again ahead of the electric data, showing the domestic economy to a market decline is accelerating.
June 6, Bohai thermal coal price index fell to its lowest level this year. Seaborne coal Network Index Center released Bohai thermal coal price index, the current price of thermal coal 5500 kcal close to 768 yuan / ton, compared with year-ago levels decline has reached 9%.
Coal prices continued to fall, so a lot of pressure on the coal trade enterprises increased sharply.
"Require customers 100% prepayment things, early in the first quarter of this year would not exist." Gansu Yaojie Coal Company sales department official said, the past four months of the financial data point of view, although the company only four months time to complete the 2011 total sales (approximately 5.9 million tons) of 40%, but profit levels have fallen over the same period by 20%.
"Compared to coal production enterprises, the current coal traders more bad days too, profits have been significantly squeezed middle." Qinhuangdao coal Network Information Center director, said the coal industry analyst Zhiyuan. He learned from the traders, as coal prices fell, many coal traders business is very light, and even a lot of people have begun to choose temporarily closed sidelines.
Decrease in profits is by no means the case. In Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, three major coal-producing land, the majority of coking coal enterprises, especially enterprises, began to decrease gesture initiative to go out to look for customers.
Reporters learned that, in order to cope with the crisis unmarketable coal, Shanxi Coking Coal Sales Corporation currently work that "none let market volume and price mutual" the basic principles, and sent the company’s six vice president in charge of marketing, traveled Shandong, Northeast, North China and other places of key users of coal, coal sales contact to respond to the economic downturn impact on the coal market.
Similarly, in the Inner Mongolia Erdos and Shaanxi Yulin coal resources of the richest regions, previously "cover mine" reluctant sellers overweight coal bosses began selling.
Henan coal mine in Ordos boss Lee told the "China Business" reporter said that due to coal prices, their production and mine coal traders to sell the price of ¥500 / ton, a ton of coal production has been less than ¥100 profit , while in the same period last year profit per tonne of coal from ¥ 200 to 300. Coal prices have recently been dropped, as early as one day to sell, it could earn a fortune. "
And he had the same idea a few small miners. "Recently, we feel an unprecedented bull market coal prices or longer."
As the largest private enterprises in coal, Inner Mongolia Yitai Group is the only one pure B-share listed company, which recently is considering cuts third H-share IPO size.
Close to the group decision-making, informed sources said, adjusting the proportion of H-share sale of shares, on the one hand may be derived from the coal market is not good, good assets Yitai Group fears not sell a good price, on the other hand it could be coal prices fell, so Group decision-makers are willing to take the initiative to lower asset prices to be sold, and thus for the successful implementation of the capital market "B + H" plan to pave the way.
BOCI Research report points out that the six plants inventory days increased from 30 days to continue to record high, while Shandong, Shaanxi and Shanxi coal production remains the origin of growth, China’s coal imports are growing, such a context, expected future coal enterprises to take the initiative to find customers will become the norm.
Coal imports hit the market
BOCI research report referred to "import coal", is becoming a rapid decline of domestic coal to promote external world.
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