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Imported coal do down on domestic coal 
 Date:2013/3/11  Hit: 4785  From:Pangenergy  
Industry sources say that imported coal only as a means of regulation, the influx would seriously affect the domestic price.
"Simply could not agree on coal, thermal coal contracts signed with Luan signed only part of the price, many still not implemented, the other basically did not sign the contract price." One person in charge of thermal power enterprises in Hunan interview with reporters, said that no strike price The contract is just a formality, not operands. Meanwhile, the company signed the contract in a long association rarely, and only long-term cooperation between the signing of a number of coal enterprises in the long association contract.
According to him, this year’s coal contract amount is lower than the previous year. "Southern part of the province is indeed the case, because there is some demand for coal companies from imported coal with domestic coal enterprises even signed a contract, this is not the price of the contract is also difficult to implement, there is no amount equal to the amount, but also the equivalent did not sign. "an unnamed source told reporters SERC.
Meanwhile, in his view, the influx of imported coal has seriously affected the domestic coal price. "Now the situation is a lot of buying foreign coal companies on the domestic coal contract but do not really care."
Not only the amount of the contract is equal to
A no agreement contract coal prices coal in electric power enterprise view, is a concept with empty promises.
"This year is the price of coal in the first year after the merger, coal companies, power companies agreed entirely based on market prices, while for 2013 the trend of future coal prices currently difficult to determine conclusively determined, so the price is a problem how the convention." The official said electricity prices, the demand for coal is now uncertain, for the southern provinces, the reference year, then last year’s regime is very good, also began this year with the Three Gorges reservoir, hydropower development effort should be good, so the thermal power demand is difficult to determine.
Very difficult Tanlong coal contract prices, "signed a contract with Luan is not implemented price, do not sign prices of key coal contracts signed under the previous situation, the key contract coal prices remain basically unchanged, there is also a price the amount of not fulfilled, the amount of such a priceless contract can be implemented even not say for sure, the contract is essentially useless. "
Although priceless contract coal prices, electricity prices have agreed on the amount, but it also means immeasurable.
The market had expected a long association contract will replace a key contract coal, said the State Electricity Regulatory Commission, told reporters, according to his understanding, although the 2013 coal production and demand converge contract summary has ended, however, the coal companies and power companies signed between a very small proportion of the long association contract.
"This year the company signed a contract amount of a long association rarely, and only a few have maintained long-term cooperation between the coal companies signed." The official said electricity prices.
Speaking contracted price, he told reporters, definitely gone up, "We signed the contract price of coal rose by ¥50 per ton. Recent market price of coal in the doldrums, has been dropped, the contract price does not rise a lot, or low the normal market price. "
Imported coal contract fulfillment rate low
For along the coastal part of the province, in the coal supply, in addition to considering the domestic coal enterprises, as imported coal prices continued to fall, imported coal has become a major aspect of their consideration.
"More and more obvious advantages of imported coal is not only reflected in the price, but the quality is also very good. Domestic coal transported from the mine to the plant, a few bends down the middle, and so pulled up inside the power plant will be doped with impurities such as gangue, quality naturally came down. "the official told reporters power plant, meanwhile, Shanxi and other places like coal pulled Hunan, capacity is also very expensive.
Indeed, last year China imported coal increased greatly. Recently, the China Coal Industry Association issued the data, in 2012 China’s coal output of 3.66 billion tons, an increase of 4 percent over the previous year, the growth rate down 4.7 percentage points year on year. Annual imports of 289 million tons of coal, an increase of 29.8%; exports 9.26 million tons, down 36.8%; net imports of 280 million tons, an increase of 71.9 million tons, an increase of 34.5%.
Imported coal on the domestic market regulation further enhanced. "Despite the impact of the economic situation at home and abroad last year, China’s coal industry, most indicators declined, but the whole industry in general remains slow in the stabilization of the running of the situation." China Coal Industry Association Vice Chairman and General Kang Ji expressed.
However, up sharply increased imports of coal in the above SERC who appears to have been far beyond the role of regulation, "Now, from Qinhuangdao Port, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other large volume of coal imports, according to the current situation in our country , but also far there is no need to use a large number of imported coal, there is no need to buy a lot like the United States, now is not the time to learn the United States. imported coal only as a means to regulate, but not as the main force, will seriously affect the influx to the domestic price of coal. "
The influx of imported coal, while it means that domestic coal prices have been coming to an end, it is impossible to go up again, "the facts prove that indeed is the case, falling coal prices, there is no optimism throughout 2012 had, in fact, currently imported can be a little slow a slow, other large economic situation a little better, and then expand imports. Otherwise, the domestic price of coal is difficult to rebound. "
He believes that the influx of imported coal would seriously reduce coal contract fulfillment rate. "Now the situation is a lot of buying foreign coal companies on the domestic contract but not so much about the recent contract signed orders at coal, most companies believe that there is a contract amount of priceless operand difficult past, too , due to transport and other issues key coal contracts finalized very difficult, now, too, became a reference only contract, does not mean anything. "
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