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Nine shipping giant losses of 11.7 billion yuan in 2011 
 Date:2013/3/11  Hit: 21512  From:Pangenergy  
Chinese shipping industry seems all the problems encountered in the moment, shipping class enterprise collective huge loss in many people’s surprise. As of yesterday, a total of nine listed companies to publish annual report 2011, according to the Djinn platform statistics show that nine listed companies in 2011 were attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit was a negative $ 11.7 billion compared to 2010 fell by 188 %. April 6, the State Minister of Transport Li Shenglin hosted ministerial meetings made it clear that "the face of slowing demand, overcapacity, rising costs, tariffs decline, loss widened the grim situation, to actively guide companies through active transfer shipping structure to the way to adapt to market changes. "
"Excess capacity, it will be difficult to improve the situation within a short time, the shipping industry, I am afraid to boil at least two years." An industry admitted, but more worrying is that the shipping market tumbled, I am afraid will further drag on the upstream shipbuilding industry, China’s shipbuilding orders this year, in January fell 71 percent year on year, boat price was dropped back eight years ago, in 2012 so that everyone is immune to a poor start with confidence.
Slowing global demand, overcapacity in the shipping industry hard winter
As of yesterday, a total of nine listed companies to publish annual reports in 2011, according to the Djinn platform statistics show that nine listed companies in 2011 were attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit was a negative $ 11.7 billion year on year drop compared to 2010 188%. Which ranked first in the world dry bulk fleet of China COSCO, 2011 net profit attributable to equity holders of ¥10.45 billion is negative, not only created COSCO itself the lowest point in seven years, but also become the current published 2011 Annual losses of listed companies, the highest amount.
Industry even more appalled that last year’s weak performance or continue this year. According to the Ministry of Transport statistics show, the first two months of this year, the port is still the overall production growth slowed down, the international shipping market remains in the doldrums. 1-2 months, above-scale port cargo throughput of 1.45 billion tons, an increase of 7% compared to last year the growth rate slowed 7.1 percentage points.
"Earlier this year, the Baltic Dry Freight Index (BDI) fell below the 2008 global financial crisis of historic lows, the international container transportation, oil transportation industry is also faced with continuing losses." Party members of the Ministry of Transport, the press statement people Jianzhong in the previous conference, said the shipping industry itself is a highly cyclical industry, the shipping needs of the market slowdown, the market’s serious excess capacity, as well as corporate costs have risen sharply, the entire industry is a big setback background.
Data shows that in the grim situation of excess capacity, the global capacity growth is still above 10%, while the growth in demand is only about 5% this year, there will still be more than 1000 vessels into the water, and the average load of more single-ship large, the entire industry or to be dragged two years.
Minsheng Securities admitted that "in 2012 increased 5% bulk cargo, capacity increased 15%; crude oil shipped 2% increase in volume, capacity increased 8%; finished Tanker increase in volume and 3%, capacity increased 5-6%; container volume increased 6%, capacity increased by 8%. still excess capacity in 2012 the shipping industry is facing one of the major difficulties. "according to fluctuations in the world economy shipping demand lags 1-2 years practice to infer, I am afraid that the recovery of the entire shipping industry still extended After two years or so.
Reporters multi-confirmation, did not confirm the previous rumors of multiple ministries bailout news, but the Ministry of Transport had already made it clear that it will take measures to support shipping companies ride out the storm, the department said it would guide the shipping companies to strengthen risk management, support Large shippers and shipping companies signed a risk-sharing contract, while actively encourage and support the ability of shipping corporate mergers and acquisitions, for as soon as possible to promote the healthy development of the shipping industry a number of opinions.
This year the debt will remain cold freeze shipbuilding bottom of the pit
With the decline in capacity, the domestic shipbuilding industry, bitterness seems to have only just begun, the Baltic Dry Index (hereinafter referred to as "BDI") has been extremely low compared to the shipping industry caused serious impact. In the notice of loss and shipping companies have emergency funds to tighten their belts when the owner of the shipbuilding industry but also because of tightening affected.
Data show that throughout 2012 the shipbuilding industry is also rather difficult start. January 2012, new orders for the global shipbuilding 2,000,000 DWT (deadweight), down 71%, the chain fell 36.5%. The number of new orders in January for the first time fell below two million years DWT, but also the years since 2005 to open a minimum of data.
Insiders admitted that this proves the market is still at a historic stage bottom of the ship, and proved in 2012 the city will ship the downturn trend continued in 2011. Hua Securities analyst, said: "The European debt crisis is likely to drag on the global economy, so the demand for clunker in the case of shipbuilding orders is reasonable to reduce our country’s shipbuilding industry for more than 70% of orders exports, the main customers are the European countries, the international shipping market slump on China’s shipbuilding industry had a tremendous negative impact. "
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