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Sea freight extended gains this rose across the board 
 Date:2013/3/11  Hit: 4833  From:Pangenergy  
Into January, inventory and anchorage ship from the port, the coal downstream enterprises to actively pull the coal phase-December last year, increased for the coal supply and demand situation began to improve, rising demand is also driving the coastal coal freight, sea freight this week extend gains, rose across the board, some routes or larger.
According to the seaborne coal shipping freight index OCFI released data show: Current (1/16- 1/22), coastal coal shipping market showed further warming trend, seaborne coal freight index (OCFI) extended gains to close at 853.22 points Zhou ring up more than 2.71%. Molecular index, the index closed at 887.03 East line points, weekly chain rose 2.19%; South line index closed at 740.04 points, up 4.48 percent than the previous week, or showed enlarged.
East freight routes, as of January 22, Qinhuangdao to Shanghai route average 20-30 thousand tons of coal freight vessels was ¥33.7 / ton, weekly chain rose ¥1.0 / ton, the same route 4-5 ten thousand tons of ships The average tariff of ¥29.5 / ton, weekly chain rose ¥1.2 / ton; Qinhuangdao to Ningbo route 1.5-2 ten thousand tons average freight ship 36.9 yuan / ton, weekly chain rose ¥0.7 / ton; Qinhuangdao to Nanjing route 2 - 30,000 tons of coal ship an average tariff of 39.7 / ton, weekly chain rose ¥1.0 / ton; Qinhuangdao to Zhangjiagang routes average 20-30 thousand tons of coal freight vessels closed ¥35.0 / ton, weekly chain rose ¥0.4 / tons.
South line, the Qinhuangdao to Guangzhou route 5-6 ten thousand tons ship freight was ¥39.0 / ton, weekly chain rose ¥1.8 / ton. At present, Guangzhou Hong Kong stocks fell sharply aspects of coal, coal shipments increased, decreased purchase, Qinhuangdao to Guangzhou route coal freight rates continued to increase, or as one factor.
Current various routes and sea freight are rising, and the increase compared with last week showed enlarged, further coastal coal transportation market continued to pick up, but the various routes or different, large ship coal freight rates rose more obvious, which South line aspects of 5-6 ten thousand tons of coal freight ship the largest increase, with this, or Spring Festival, the owner stocking, coal demand and pull the volume increase associated.
For a whole week, warmer coastal coal shipping market trends, research and development department Qinhuangdao coal market researcher Fang analysis, there are two main reasons, on the one hand by the macroeconomic basic-oriented enterprises and downstream coal inventories fell and daily consumption rising influence , procurement initiative to increase the previous month, prompting the transport market activity increased. Other hand, the "Spring Festival" effect makes the current owner to intensify stocking, the ship tried to find a reasonable timetable to intensify row boat, in order to enable them to make goods to Hong Kong before the Spring Festival, smooth pick, festivals factors on the formation of positive short-term rebound in freight rates .
Comprehensive analysis, coastal coal transportation market over the past month the trend is more robust, sea freight to maintain upward trend overall, pulling the coal market activity, but due to the merger plan implemented since coal, coal prices for the two sides deadlocked, the entire coal market in a wait and see attitude, affecting coal pull operation and transportation of coal shipping market is still idle, pending further digestion, coastal coal transportation market really pick up time needed.
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